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Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge



konnichiwa. steven spielberg desu.


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I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none


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Song: Cosette
Plays: 4,325



all credit goes to montprouvaire

listen 2 this, whatever u do in life, make sure that listening to this is it



Man’s worst enemy

The Silent Battle


"What does the chef recommend?"

"Sir, this is a mcdonalds"


ghost oc makes the best out of a bad situation and wins best costume every single halloween


ghost oc makes the best out of a bad situation and wins best costume every single halloween


Sleepy Makoto appreciation post (◕‿◕✿)



this vine saved my life.

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Song: 6.Nagisa and Rin's Day off
Artist: 七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 橘 真琴(CV.鈴木達央), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守), 葉月 渚(CV.代永 翼), 竜ヶ崎 怜(CV.平川大輔),
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Summary: they go to watch a movie, eat dinner and then Nagisa insists Rin catches a toy in the UFO catcher for him. (In short, they’re in a date.) A lot of skinship and dorky Rin and irresistible Nagisa happens.

Part 1: After watching a movie

Nagisa: Ah~ That was so fun! I’ve always wanted to watch it. “Searching for Wan (woof? the sound a dog makes?)” Haru-chan and Mako-chan already saw it and Rei-chan said- *imitates Rei* Something like that I don’t understand, I won’t watch it!
Nagisa: -and all my classmates have club activities and part-time jobs. I’m so glad Rin-chan could come!
Rin: Man, why did I have to watch this nonsense movie with you?
Nagisa: Hey! Wasn’t it a good movie?! …Ah! Furthermore, I saw it, ne? When I looked during the movie, Rin-chan was crying!
Rin: I wasn’t!
Nagisa: You don’t have to hide it! Even before, Rin-chan has always been a crybaby, right?
Rin: Shut up! Being called “crybaby”, I don’t want to be called like that by you of all people! Anyway, you actually had the courage to peek at my face huh…
*Rin wrestles Nagisa and gives him a noogie*
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! My head’s gonna- I give up! I give up! Rin-chan~ So cruel! Even though we’ve come out to play after a long time!
Rin: If I let you say useless things like that, it’s bad.
*Nagisa’s stomach grumbles*
Nagisa: Ah, I’m hungry. Rin-chan, let’s eat!
Rin: Eh… You… In the movie house, didn’t you eat a mountain of popcorn and some hot dogs?
Nagisa: Well, that was just for while watching the movie, wasn’t it?
Rin: What kind of reasoning is that?
Nagisa: Let’s just say I’m a growing boy?
Rin: What growing are you talking about? …*sigh* Fine. Oi Nagisa, wanna go to a Family Restaurant?
Nagisa: Yay! Food! Food!

Part 2: Family Restaurant

*sound of Nagisa eating*
Nagisa: Aaah~ Delicious!
Rin: …Nagisa. Aren’t you eating too much? Isn’t the whole table just loaded with your food?
Nagisa: I did say I was hungry! And besides, isn’t this much normal?
Rin: Hamburger, pizza, KatsuCurry, Napolitan, Karaage, cake… It’s amazing you’re eating all of that. How do you digest that?
Nagisa: By the way! By the way! Listen to this, Rin-chan!
Rin: Eating or speaking, just choose one! If you’re chewing like that, I won’t listen!
Nagisa: *swallows* *laughs* Before, Goro-chan said this.
Rin: *sighs*
Nagisa: It’s because I want to talk about a lot of things!
Rin: I’ll listen, so don’t talk with your mouth full.
Nagisa: Okay! So then, before, Haru-chan, Mako-chan, Rei-chan and me, while we were at lunch, Rei-chan said *imitates voice* “I’m proud of my work this time!”, and when he opened his lunch box, it was all white rice!
Rin: He got it wrong?
Nagisa: Yes! I think one of his family had a similar lunch box so he brought the wrong one!
Rin: *laughs* Rei was missing his, then.
Nagisa: And so, we helped him by giving him food. Mako gave shougayaki, Haru-chan gave fried mackerel, and I gave potato salad and spaghetti. Somehow, it was a really good bento? So everyone was really happy, but then we noticed Haru-chan didn’t have side dishes. It became a side dish-sharing event!
Rin: What the hell are you doing, you guys?!
Nagisa: *laugh* Eating that many kinds of food was fun, you know?!
Rin: You’re really carefree people, huh? Just hearing about it makes me shudder. Well, it’s really like you though. Anyway, are you practicing properly?
Nagisa: Of course! For the next competition, we’re practicing with our best, you know? We’ve shown our improvement in the last one, right?
Rin: That’s pretty good
Nagisa: *laughs* You know, when we were in elementary and doing the relay, Rin-chan helped me with my breast stroke, right?
Rin: Yeah, you really begged for my help and kept following me so there was no helping it. But well, you were able to follow me properly.
Nagisa: Being taught by Rin-chan, I learned to be faster, it was really fun, wasn’t it? Even now, when I swim, I always remember that moment.
Rin: Nagisa… You…
Nagisa: *eating* Hm? What is it? Do you want some Katsucurry? Okay! Have some!
Rin: No, I don’t need-
Nagisa: *force-feeds Rin*
Rin: *choking* Nagisa! Don’t randomly insert your spoon on other people’s mouth!
Nagisa: Rin-chan, didn’t you want to eat this?
Rin: No! I told you don’t want it!
Nagisa: You don’t have to restrain yourself! Here, have more! *force-feeds Rin again*
Rin: *chokes some more*

Part 3: Game Center
Nagisa: Ah~ My stomach is all full! So satisfied!
Rin: Of course… since you’ve eaten all that…
Nagisa: If Rin-chan doesn’t eat much, it’s a waste, you know?
Rin: I’m eating properly! And anyway, I’m different from you guys. I’m thinking properly of a balanced diet and- Wait! Nagisa isn’t here! Where the hell did that guy go? *runs* NAGISA!
Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan~! Here, here!
Rin: That guy… when did he stop at the game center? …Oi Nagisa!
Nagisa: Look, look, Rin-chan! This crane game has a really cute stuffed toy!
Rin: You! Don’t wander around like that! Suddenly disappearing and then talking about this game… Anyway, what the hell is this?
Nagisa: Eh?! Rin-chan, you don’t know?! This is the popular mascot character Mizushima Shima-kun yo!
Rin: I don’t know that kind of thing
Nagisa: *sparkle* Ne, Rin-chan,
Rin: …what is it?
Nagisa: Please get this for me!
Rin: Why do I have to get that weird thing! If you want it, get it yourself!
Nagisa: Even so, pleaseeeee *nuzzling his head to Rin’s side*
Rin: Oi! Stop that, Nagisa! Nuzzling your head like- nuzzling your- nuzzling- Stop nuzzling your head on me like that! *Nagisa continues nuzzling* OH FINE! 
Nagisa: YAY! As expected of Rin-chan!
Rin: *sigh* You… Whatever. Let’s go *insert coin*
Nagisa: Go, Rin-chan!
Rin*snags something* OH!
Nagisa: That’s good! Let the arm take the stuffed toy! Could it be, just one try and- *the toy falls*Awww, it fell.
Rin: Ugh! Failed, huh?
Nagisa: You can do it on the next try!
*insert coin* *snags the toy*
Nagisa: Oh! This one has a better feeling than the last!
Rin: *laugh* Right?!
Nagisa: Okay, just let it near the opening… *falls* AH! So close! *insert another coin* If Rei-chan was here, he’d definitely say “the weight of the stuffed toy and the strength of the arm and stuff” and he’d go equate, right?
Rin: Ah~ That does sound like something he’d do. But if that’s it, then this stuffed toy is 400 gram and the arm need to be exactly- HERE!
Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan said what Rei-chan would have said!
Rin: Okay! With this, we can do it!
Nagisa: Go! Just a little more! *drops on the opening* WE GOT IT!
Nagisa: Rin-chan! High touch!
Nagisa: As expected of Rin-chan!
Rin: Leave it to me! This much is nothing!
Nagisa: You’re great! You’re great! Rin-chan is so cool!
Rin: Of course!
Nagisa: RIN-CHAN!
*hugs and laughs together*
Rin: AH! *clears throat*  *takes the toy*  *use deep manly voice* Here, have it.
Nagisa: Yes! Thanks, Rin-chan! *giggles* I’m so happy!
Rin*still with the manly voice* …okay. Anyway, that’s fine already, right? Let’s go.
Nagisa: Wait! Rin-chan!
*they get out of the game center*
Rin: Oiii. It’s already this dark.
Nagisa: Ah, that’s right. Without us noticing, it’s already this time. But it was fun~ I’ll tell everyone about this as soon as possible!
Rin: Stop! Th-the game center, don’t ever tell anyone that.
Nagisa: What part? *giggles* That was fun, right? The high touch! I can’t wait until Haru-chan and the others hear about it!
Rin: That’s why! I’m telling you not to tell them!
Nagisa: Waaah, why?
Nagisa: Mou, Rin-chan, you’re really selfish… Ah! Could it be, you’re embarrassed? Rin-chan is so cute!
Rin*already dying inside* Nagisa, you-! If Haru and the others find that out, I’ll go bankrupt! Wait! *runs after Nagisa* Give that back!
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! I give up! I give up! *laughing* Mou, stop that, Rin-chan!
Rin: Nagisa!
Nagisa: *laughing* Rin-chan!

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